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Yaber Warranty Policy

  1. All products distributed by CopperConnect (managed by OK Mobile Sdn Bhd) come with warranty protection. The warranty starts from the day the Customer purchases the product.
  2. To enjoy the full after-sales service and support, Customers are advised to immediately register their product at the point of purchase or at the point of receiving the product (for purchases made via online channels) by logging onto Customers are required to keep invoices as proof of purchase.
  3. The after-sales service and warranty protection is only valid in Malaysia and is provided by CopperConnect via its Authorized Service centers (ASC). All repairs will be conducted in an ASC only unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
  4. All products are also covered by a 7-day Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) protection from the date of purchase. A DOA product is defined when the main components of the product (except accessories and consumable parts) are damaged or non-functional after the first time it is removed from the original product packaging.


Warranty Coverage:


Main Components

Warranty Period


Main Body

1 year

Accessories / Consumables parts

(Cable, remote control, power cord, lens cover, TV dongle)

1 year


  1. Limitations on Warranty. This warranty is void or does not cover in the event faults and damages were caused by either one of the following cases:
    • Product is not supplied by CopperConnect.
    • Lack of Proof of purchase
    • Use of product which is not in accordance with the “Usage Restrictions” in the User Manual.
    • The product serial number or warranty seal is illegible or has been removed, erased, defaced, altered, and/or tampered.
    • If any parts of the product are missing due to unauthorised modifications.
    • Cracks, dents or scratches on the product.
    • Damages due to use of incompatible charging devices and power adapters.
    • Liquid damages to any parts and components.
    • Use of the product other than for normal domestic purposes eg: in an environment with corrosive objects, industrial chemicals, metal or other microparticles.
    • Deterioration/ reduction of run time due to deterioration of battery performance over time and /or lack of regular care and maintenance
    • Deterioration of the product and consumables (all types cable, remote control, power cord, lens cover, TV dongle) caused by normal wear and tear, including but not limited to rust, stains and discoloration.
    • The product / accessories is tempered.
  2. Copper Connect reserves the right to determine whether a product is "Out of Warranty" at the company’s sole discretion according to the standards listed above.
  3. OK Mobile Sdn Bhd reserves the right to determine whether a product is "Out of Warranty" or “ Dead On Arrival (DOA) at the company’s sole discretion in the event the warranty terms provided by OK Mobile Sdn Bhd authorised resellers differ.
  4. Service of Out of Warranty products can be provided at a fee. A quote shall be provided only by OK Mobile Sdn Bhd or its ASC.
  5. To submit a warranty claim, kindly log on to and create a Repair Request ticket. You will be provided with a Repair Request Number.
  6. Once the Repair Request Ticket is raised, we may contact you to gather more information which may include the following:
    • To gather more personal contact information and/or to understand the issue better
    • Guide you through basic troubleshooting steps
    • Provide instructions on how to return the product to us for inspection. Customers who wishes to return the unit via OK Mobile Sdn Bhd's authorised resellers are advised to expect a longer lead time due to additional time required to ship the unit(s) to the ASC.
  7. Once the product has been returned to the ASC, the product will be tested and verified to identify the causes of failures/ defects within 14 working days.
  8. As part of your return, you do not have to include any unaffected parts/ accessories. If you are sending the package to us by courier, please use a traceable service. Please include the Repair Request number on the air waybill/consignment note of the parcel and the Repair Request Form.
  9. Once your product has been repaired or you’re given a replacement unit, we will notify you through all contact information provided by you.
  10. The Customer agrees that the decision to repair instead of a brand new replacement by the ASC is final and further appeals or dispute shall not be entertained.
  11. The Customer agrees that any replacement unit provided shall be limited to the specific part that was previously faulty.
  12. In the event the product could not be repaired due to various reasons, the ASC may offer you another item of equal or greater value or offer a cash refund.
  13. Customers located in the Klang Valley are advised to pick up repaired/replacement unit within 3 months from the date of the completion of the Repair Request. For Customers located out of the Klang Valley, you will receive your repaired/ replacement unit via courier.
  14. Customers who have returned their units via OK Mobile Sdn Bhd's authorised dealers are advised to expect a longer lead time due to additional time required to ship the unit(s) from the ASC back to the dealers’ shop for your eventual collection.
  15. The product will continue to be warranted for the remaining period of your original warranty, or 60 days from the date of the completion of your claim, whichever is longer.
  16. OK Mobile Sdn Bhd (M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right to update this Warranty Policy without notice.


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