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Pros & Cons Of Having A Smart Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Why is a robot vacuum cleaner all the rage these days?

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What is a Smart Vacuum Cleaner?

A smart vacuum cleaner, also known as a robotic vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum, uses artificial intelligence and automation technology to clean floors autonomously without human intervention. It typically moves around a space, such as a room or an entire home, using sensors and algorithms to navigate and clean different surfaces, such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.

Smart vacuum cleaners are equipped with various sensors, such as infrared sensors, touch sensors, and cameras, which enable them to detect obstacles, avoid collisions, and navigate around furniture, walls, and other objects in their path. They may also have advanced mapping capabilities that allow them to create a map of the cleaning area to plan the most efficient cleaning routes.


How Does A Smart Vacuum Cleaner Work?

A robot vacuum cleaner can navigate and clean floors autonomously. It uses brushes and high suction power to clean dirt and debris (and even pet hairs) from different surfaces, filters the air to capture dust and allergens, and collects the dirt in a dustbin or dirt compartment. 

Robot vacuum cleaners use a combination of sensors, software algorithms, and obstacle detection technologies such as infrared, cliff, and bump sensors, plus mapping and navigation features to avoid unwanted mishaps (such as knocking down expensive fixtures or bumping into furnitures) while cleaning.

It is powered by rechargeable batteries and may automatically return to its charging dock when its battery is low. It can be controlled through a remote control, smartphone app, or voice commands with virtual assistants. Most robot vacuum cleaners also come equipped with a built-in mop for a thorough cleaning session. Aside from their functionality, these vacuum cleaners also only require easy and cheap maintenance for optimal performance. 

They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually customisable with adaptors you can install later on. Our team at Dreame - pioneers of this innovative tech - offers a range of robot vacuum cleaners with mops and other adaptors, such as the Dreame Bot L10S, the Dreame Bot W10, and the Dreame F9! Read on to learn more about them!


Can robot vacuum cleaners tackle tough stains?

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The Pros & Cons of Using A Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Having done sufficient research on this cleaning tech, here are some pros and cons of a smart vacuum cleaner for your home.



One of the main benefits of a smart vacuum cleaner is its convenience. It can operate autonomously, allowing you to save time and effort you would otherwise need to spend to get a thorough floor-cleaning routine. Who has time for that these days? 
You can schedule your cleaning sessions on your smart vacuum beforehand, and some models can even be controlled remotely using a smartphone app or integrated with a smart home system.


Dreame’s Automated Home Cleaning Marvels

Our Dreame Bot L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop is a  fully automated robot vacuum cleaner that can mop, with features such as self-cleaning, auto empty, mop pad lifting with auto carpet detection, a large water tank for larger homes and also equipped with AI + 3D navigation. And if you want your smart vacuum to mop then clean itself with hot air drying feature, boy, we do have the product for you - introducing the Dreame Bot W10 Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop and the Dreame W10 Pro Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop. 

Both the W10 & W10 Pro comes with a self-cleaning feature, but that’s not all! These models can also automatically clean the used mops after each session and then dry the mops with hot air! You will always have a fresh and clean mop for your next use. This helps to maintain excellent cleaning performance and hygiene for each one of your cleaning sprees.
All-in-all, if you're someone who just needs an easy way to clean your house, a smart robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have for you!


Now For Some Cons… 

While robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with sensors to detect obstacles, they may not always be perfect at avoiding collisions or getting stuck. 
They may require some supervision and occasional intervention to untangle from cords, free themselves from tight spaces, or get past certain objects that act as obstacles in their cleaning routes.
Smart robot vacuum cleaners can also be more expensive than traditional vacuum cleaners, with prices depending on the brand, features, and capabilities. 
Higher-end smart vacuum models with advanced technology may come with a higher price tag. BUT, here at Dreame, we cater to all customers - even beginners on a budget! Try out the Dreame F9 vacuum, designed to make cleaning easier and more convenient. It has all the basic cleaning features you’d find in other smart vacuum cleaners, such as 2.0 visual navigation for automatic room recognition and even being able to set virtual wall barriers through software smart and dynamic path planning. 


The Best Smart Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

So, there you have it! The disadvantages are few and far between compared to the advantages! Clearly, it’s hard to argue against getting a smart vacuum. They can be a valuable addition to your household if you're looking for an easy way to clean your home. 

With advanced features such as self-emptying bins and self-cleaning mops, a smart robot vacuum can save you so much trouble all while leaving your floors squeaky clean. 

Explore our product catalogue at Dreame for a high-tech smart vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and budget for your next floor-cleaning ritual!


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