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Carpet Cleaning!

Vacuuming carpets is very important. Using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your carpet in the right way will ensure a clean and healthy indoor environment. Most homes have invested in carpets as they can be a great interior decorative item, but how often they should be cleaned has always been a matter of discussion. Some cleaning experts recommend at least once a week, whereas some others advise a biweekly cleaning routine.

Whichever advice one chooses to follow, the bottom line remains that you can vacuum your carpet less and still keep it clean. There are many advantages of vacuuming less, including increasing the lifespan of the carpet and maintaining carpet fibre. These are some of the things that will happen if you don’t vacuum your carpets regularly:

  1. The general lifespan of a carpet is five to fifteen years, depending on the construction, after which it starts ageing and fibres begin to wear out. Although that would be natural wear and tear, frequent vacuuming would speed up the ageing process. A carpet that would have lasted for five years before its fibres were torn starts ageing in three years or less.
  2. Dust, mites, and allergens love to live in your carpet. It's also tough to see the dead skin cells and pieces of hair that fall out deep in your carpet but they do build up. Pet odours bring bad smells too. Cigarette smoke and fibre breakdown are also common culprits. Frequent use of a carpet cleaner removes these smells easily. When allergens and bacteria build up in your carpet, it becomes your cousin in respiratory issues. Vacuuming carpets is not as easy as vacuuming other floors. It takes a lot of time and effort. Vacuuming your carpet twice a week is enough to keep your carpet clean. 
  3. Dampness is a source of bad smells. Moisture gets underneath the carpet pad during spill accidents, humidity, rainstorms, prolonged drying, warm water cleaning, or using a carpet cleaner. A continuous moisture exposure causes mold and mildew to grow and bring pungent smells.
  4. Affecting indoor air quality. A cleanroom promotes better sleep. Research has been done that shows people who sleep in clean environments rest better. When people sleep, their breathing rate decreases steadily. Whenever the air quality is disturbed, there is less air getting into the lungs, and there are shallow breaths. Resultantly, a lot of stress is put on the respiratory and circulatory systems.

We would recommend getting our Dreame V12 Pro as it is suitable for all types of carpets. With 32,000Pa suction power, it is Dreame’s highest suction power yet. It cleans 99.6% of the dust in the first pass. From food crumbs to pet hair, the Dreame V12 Pro can handle it all. 

Make your carpets look fresher with our Dreame V12 Pro!

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